Trans Alps text in English

First stage. Garda Desenzano , Verona.
The day before we left the van ready and loaded with all the equipment and bikes . Six in the morning and I promptly gathered in front of the house , we have many kilometers ahead , we are relevant and driving with the air conditioning that does get quite cool in da Garda Desenzano .
Get there at five in the afternoon to let volteta Desenzano to seek information , leave the vehicle strategically near the station , prepare the tools and six o’clock start pedaling .
Leave Desenzano on the shore of Lake Garda in Sirmione we go , we let the bike, and we just decided not to go long walk and we headed Pesquiera da Garda , everything is full of holidaymakers , holiday atmosphere . From here we begin to leave behind the summer and began to go faster , and sounds of people cross Lugagnano until we come to Verona. The journey was not easy , and fast track entirely , were about fifty kilometers in less than three hours.
We drove to the station to find accommodation , find it all right , but a very friendly girl consulted the hotels start making calls until we find a good hosting . We stayed at the Hotel Portapalio , by James portfolio , we have sent a good place , we give place to store the bikes and the room . After a shower we get a good amount of beer accompanied by pizzas that were licking their fingers .
It was a very intense day but everything went as planned we had done , we expected the bed to rest and recharge for the next day with a good sleep.

Second Stage , Part One . Verona – Innsbruck train.
Today, the day did not start so well , we wake up to rain, we have breakfast , a good lunch, prepare the equipment and no longer raining , perfect , we can go to the station the train leaves at 9:04 , the passage straight to Innsbruck in three and a half hours , we go to the offices of Trenitalia and surprisingly we report that the train was full of bikes that will be full for a week. When asked how many bikes fit the surprise is that the person who takes care of four tells us that we can not offer any solution or alternative. Finally tive everything dry and Cerro tells us that we look with another operator. We left stunned and disbelieving of the office and headed to the offices of the German DB , the difference is felt when there is a young girl who immediately makes us five cents as the theme , the train must contract long before , and all the mess that we have set up , and the train was going. In a jiffy the girl we found an alternative , check the details with a fellow veteran , also very friendly, and we prepared some notes in another train which fotimer fit a bicycle and leaves after a short while. This way the difference for you in one station and we have to change trains to get to Austria. The good thing is that we go to the border with Trenitalia . Look at that donkey is the Cerro tive dry .
Are 9:25 , the train starts moving and the most important thing is that we are up. Soon we entered a valley surrounded by large masses of rock cutting vertical, we see very high and many castles on top . Following are the Adige River valley , is very large and full of water, cross a series of tunnels as we gain altitude . At 11:20 we arrived in Bolzano, we transfer and 12:00 we left the station at 13:20 arrived at Brenner Pass , on the border with Austria and back to where transfer . At 13:28 the train station , is incredibly quiet and unquestionable quality , we continue up the valley and continue crossing tunnels have views of the high peaks of the Alps with snow and gazing around the landscape by window to get to Innsbruck 14:10 .
Despite leaving the station we see a local fast food , we get a good burger with a good dose of glue in a jiffy and we are ready to pedal . Three -thirty in the afternoon and we have over seventy kilometers ahead.

Second stage second half. Garmisch – Innsbruck .
Leaving the station of Innsbruck with a very blue sky , cross the city and leave the river Inn , the pedal over a long time until it reaches the first real climb is very right is an example of be as right-wing gains throughout the journey . I gained a lot of height in a few kilometers and contemplate the first lakes are spellbound and surrounding nature , views of the surrounding mountains are stunning . We found many villages , people bathe in lakes, everything is very green and we are strong through , found a house with a stamp and take the road to Santiago to mark the label .
Let Austria into Germany by road and we are enjoying the ride until we arrived at Elmau . At this point we crossed the track announcing a slide , we continue down the bike is not that we can not scramble , the track does go downhill fast and the other, the river is very wild , you comb of have had Rierada avalanches . Finally we found that the river has taken part of the mountain through which the road and we have to spend as we mount up above the law.
Meanwhile it was getting late , we dropped a lot, the river is rocky , changed the valley and decided to find accommodation while we climb , the kilometers go by and nothing until we find a site that looks great on half of the mountain , it seems that you are very well – Partnach Alm , lose half an hour trying to find the owner but apparently has come to take the ride , getting dark and we decided to go down to Garmisch which is quite close even down , not knowing what is about to be a disaster .
The first drop is mild , but it is increasingly right over twenty percent with asphalt cement and fortunately not very good . A member of the front brake is out and there is no way to stop the bike with the rear brake , slowing down with the feet on the ground and out of control in front of my helplessness , gradually losing speed seems the rear disc brake is very red, finally has to stop. We recovered from the shock and the partner is left with no choice but to walk down the ramps more right. Finally we get to Garmisch , where we enter the next springboard diving competition to make the New Year really is very high , while we seek accommodation dusk and we have no choice but ended up in a complex that will be be a little expensive but good feast . We’ll get a pizza with good beer and sit for the day . I have a very good sense of the sights and landscapes that we enjoy today .

Third Stage . Garmisch- Imst
We get a bright sun , take atiborronar accommodation for us for breakfast, we left very full belly . Right beside the accommodation is a tent filled with talleret Felt bike , take the opportunity to ask if we can repair the brakes on the bike but can not. We go around and wondering if there is any shop or bike shop to do the repair, but being Sunday everything is closed , until finally , we found a type superaficionat cycling and has a fairly large store where we can repair is the Bikecenter Garmisch -Partenkirchen . The repair is complicated , we have to change disks and repair clamps and hydraulic system . Hopefully , we’ll take a beer , chatted with people, find some guys from Barcelona engineers working in Germany and we sit for a while , still waiting for the mechanic does everything possible to advance the work but the issue is difficult . Finally we have the bike for about two in the afternoon and start pedaling .
Leaving Garmisch near the railway slight slope in a huge meadow surrounded by a climb right up that climb that leads to Eibsee Lake surrounded by mountains , high strength and rugged , full of people giving the tour , bathing and enjoying nature . This lake is huge , we turn while enjoying the views , we make a sandwich and go up a track also quite right. Let terrain into German in Austria, began to fall, the track is good and becomes asphalt was getting late and we can not entertain much , yet can not stop taking pictures , the views are still spectacular . Later we will find some trails that take us through the woods , lakes and strength along rights . Continue down until you reach Imst , we kept the hostel Romedihof backpaker place , we are almost dark , most people here trust each other and we found a sign with our name on the door of our room and a note saying that we left money in a mailbox post. It is late and we have no time to change us , we will take a giant burger that turns out to be a good beer and a couple of kilometers from the hostel before leaving dark we put the lights back to the hostel we showered , we the bed and sleep . It was a day of spectacular views.

Fourth stage . Imst – Ebene .
In the hostel already feels uproar morning , we go east , and as usual , the toilets and showers that are common are full of people, a washed out there, another there, a continuum of traffic people, fold the sheets , we bring the laundry, we breakfast in the kitchen , load Sarra and we are ready to start the day.
Departing from Imst a slight slope , and there is a super stop to buy food for lunch , do a handful of kilometers the river Inn , the road is well conditioned to cycling as a cycle route passes coming from Germany we find many cyclists until we get to Landeck a brief refreshment to eat some peaches and start right up .
Arriving in Tobadill we prepare sandwiches with the purchase of super out of the town awaits a path quite right with many waterfalls and slow cycles . The drop is even more right Trial impossible to be done on foot , it was a great trail and we stopped to take pictures. Eventually lead to Gries , people bathe in the pool , lake , we passed in front of a curious sculpture tree trunks fail to do their work , cross the valley and continue down the opposite side , and the river a constant up and down .
Getting dark and starting to find accommodation , get to see many closed local in Ebenne, when we find Apart-Wel . Highly recommended . Sandra serves us very kindly , she prepared the rooms and wash our clothes, we will dine at the front , it seems that there are some kind of deal , we do a very good dinner at reasonable price along with a good dose beer . Return to the room where we find clean clothes and sleep . Today we also have the result of a period of views.

Fifth stage . Ebene – Sesvenna Refuge .
After a hearty breakfast at the same restaurant where we dine , we remain mindful stage for what we do , which is expected tough climb very high and we hope to enjoy the surroundings .
Leaving following downstream reach Ischgl , we stop and go to the supermarket up costing us find the path that climbs up the mountain track , the track is very nearly impossible to get right on top of ramps that easily exceed the twenty percent . Fortunately the stretch and flattened , onto a paved roadway that eventually turns into a track . Near the track are the first snow of the last remaining snow winter thaw is continually crossed by streams half of the track until we reached the shelter of Heidelberg.
The climb from the refuge Fimberpass neck should be almost all on foot and the bag on his back, is quite a hard climb , but the views around us were going without realizing it . Although John has given me an invaluable helping hand in carrying the Sarria have been slow to reach the top so stop taking pictures . Expected to move faster on the way down , but can not be the path down and right sections is also necessary to make it walk .
Griosh stop to make us sandwiches and continue down the valley Uina , pass the village Ramosh NPV and the lowest point . Although it has been decided to upload photo later so the second port , also very long . Things start well surrounded by green fields of grass, but the climb is getting complicated right and we say above find a home for the night , we get to call a shepherd and says that that is not an accommodation , follow a trail up a canyon in between impossible and excavated , tunnels and steel cables to hold on , we go over a waterfall setting, a wonder we do not have much time to enjoy it So getting dark . We are already considering the possibility of seeking a hut or bivouac on the night. Finally, the land flattens out and can move faster. We arrived at the shelter when it is almost dark force is full of hikers, accommodation and make us take a pan of macaroni impressive, perhaps the thought that we would end up , but they were wrong , the pan was practically clean . Like beer steins .
It was a very hard day with three thousand meters of accumulated more than twelve hours of walking a long time and have much fun watching and taking pictures of the landscape. But it was worth all the effort , one of the best high mountain stages . The curiosity is that we breakfasted in Austria, Switzerland and eating dinner in Italy.

Sixth stage . Shelter Sesvenna Arnoga – di Sotto .
Leaving the shelter fed well , and we did a review of the mounts. The day is clear and we expect a very down right overlooking a stunning waterfall , the speed is cool down quickly stopping occasionally to take a picture , the track becomes tarmac and still gain more speed we see the immense Venosta valley and came to the conclusion where we stopped to buy super . Follow the valley with lots of heat and back into Switzerland , this time by road to the guards. We chatted with a neighbor that ensures good weather for the day today . Go up slightly until you reach Santa Maria Valley Müstair the rise again right really, the first ramps are very strong to go softening the last kilometers . Finally , cross Radond neck , we found a group of cyclists who also had seen the day before and Steffi , who do not know exactly what it was called but it had a resemblance to Steffi Graf and was very strong . Brief rest on the neck , stunning views of the mountains and continue to Stelvio Mora valley surrounded by cows that graze and leave full ring road to avoid me . We found a source , reassemble the stop and we prepare lunch meanwhile reached a small little group that has not had avoided it and have to dodge bicycles and washing themselves in the fountain .
After lunch we continue down the valley soft trivi a track becomes path, the sky threatened rain , and despite being a pretty dangerous path to inclusive ravine , start running quickly . Finally drop four drops, very large , and leave the storm behind. We find the language of an ice stream that crosses the road, you see holes where the water down to the bottom of the stream must be extremely careful and cross the language of ice at a time to avoid a excessive concentration of weight and we finished at the bottom of the stream. Finally leave behind the passage of the Mora Valley , back into Italian land between streams and scree we are in a flat lakes of San Giacomo and cancan , two immensely large dams, where water comes crashing and very much . Out onto a narrow mountain road with small tunnels dug into the rock and very winding down, we alert not to go where the roads take a trivia track on the right that leads to all planning Arnoga di Sotto . Find accommodation Albergo Viola Restaurant, not anything from the other world , but there are a mother and daughter who treat us well , we are having dinner with him and give us a room with a great view a glacier, we lose some good beer and sleep .
In the second half of the stage despite the steep climb we have seen the result of the bulk of the Stelvio which trickled many waterfalls, cycles have many kilometers over two thousand meters and has made quite cool .

Seventh stage . Arnoga – Ponte di Legno di Sotto .
They are nine in the morning and we’re ready to leave, we had a good breakfast, we consider the Stelvio glacier and start climbing gently . I even had time to warm up the legs that rises high court seriously, we head Neck Verba , the track is very rocky and occasionally I get to push the bike . In less than two hours we’re neck 2300 mts. , Began to fall, and then a blizzard of snow still invades the track and diverts us in the long descent to the valley surrounded by mountains Grosina , we found a curious village , Eita , which still make the running with a generator with elderly people sitting on the bench watching us pass , knitting and spending time on the street while cattle graze the meadow . Continue descending from a spectacular setting . We come to Grosio .
Now it’s up to the legendary mortirolo , John ‘s experience suggests a good meal and so we do, buy a four- nonsense shop with all out and ask where you can eat . A very Italian grandfather with us for a few laps until a little alleyways impossible to find. We sent a good place , we eat a championship at a great price .
We started to climb the 14 miles . to 1100 mts. vertical with very hot while trying to digest lunch, the climb is all paved and size go up eventually changing first refreshes , nuvolots are good , more and more black , and when we are four kilometers llampegar us down a storm. We collect the waterproof relaxes fast and keep up, now it’s quite cold. We reached the pass , good food and has worked pretty well gone , we commemorative photos , and begin to pay down half frozen in the first bar we found . We are back with a good hot chocolate , hopefully about an hour waiting for the rain to end and we continue to go down the well wrapped up .
We arrived in the late fall and we will stop at a road with heavy traffic , I dropped a lot, the valley is very closed and gps seems to have gone mad , go up all Sino – Xano across different villages to Ponte di legno . We stopped at a place on the edge of town , the hotel Maniero , I recommend not ever stop there . It is pretty good , the feast and beer too, but the price will be agreed with the girl in front has nothing to do with the fortune that we end up paying for me was tim , all the tim crosses .
It was overall a very nice stage , fantastic landscapes and everyday, maybe we have a mass of the asphalt, but we crossed the passing of legendary Mortirolo and have eaten hard.

Eighth stage . Ponte di Legno – Madonna di Campiglio
We left pretty unhappy about the tim of the hotel, continue up the road , a hard road traffic quite right , works luckily cut traffic and can pedal a good time without us pushing the car , the sky is slightly overcast a kind of freak rain drops reach the neck Tonale , quite fresh and surround us . This collar is a kind of seasonal people depart from many ski lifts , there is a resort atmosphere with spectacular views of glaciers.
In the village we passed a spectacular track down and take down at full speed , is a frenzy until the Watcher GPS and do not see the plan that we follow. Let’s screams alert with James, brake check , and it turns out that the thrill of the descent we passed a road where the road enters the woods . We decided to go back down two kilometers more and we have entered the correct track . Was worth it , we went down in a forest green and very wet fir and fern, lose height quickly with a series of switchbacks .
Edge out onto a road, we will find all of the villages with shops closed , fortunately Ossana to find a bar with a shop next to where we sell some meats to make sandwiches for lunch . With saddlebags full of people continue to pay to park where Pellizanno the town square where the children play . There are some good tables that are perfect to prepare the sandwiches . Once finished downloading tips to Dimaro .
At this point we took a long climb right track , full of twists , go up very quickly Meledrio valley near the stream is full of water and is used to move windmills in their jumps . It must be said that the rise is very entertaining , cross tunnels dug into the rock, the environment is very diverse until suddenly, in the middle of a gap in the vegetation, we are the Dolomites . The picture is changing as we go up and we were spellbound with rocks sculpted by nature. Finally we get to where we are neck Genziana a character who , speaking as one who does not want it , advises us to sleep in Madonna di Campiglio . Also speaking as one who does not want you boot into something that turns out to be her mother is the owner of the hotel. The guy explained very well and seems legit , check it before you take any step as we learned the lesson .
Continue down the middle of fields and a golf course , entered the ski resort and when we realize we are down the middle of one of the tracks we leave the entrance of Madonna di Campiglio . We get in and everything is very clean and tidy , people very neat and tidy , everything is flawless . We decided to find the accommodation that we have recommended and this time we said yes we’ve encountered , the Alpen Hotel Vidi there is a very good value for money . But we were surprised ; Potolo of the previous accommodation we were returning identity to James. We must also say that after repeatedly demanded it , they took two months to return it by mail.
The guy at the hotel must be quite clever , like us , found that other cyclists have also come to the hotel. We take a good shower , good beer , a good meal and end up taking a walk around the town before going to sleep.
It was a time of contrasts , first avorridot road with a gray and cloudy weather which totally changes the Passo di Tonale where we track with lots of greenery , and we finished with a very entertaining and sun rise while the dolomites have appeared charm , like the town where we decided to end stage .

Ninth stage . Madonna di Campiglio , Ponte Caffaro .
We left the hotel tips like most days, we have seen the Dolomites , Madonna di Campiglio crossed over his recreational lake , quite fresh and enter a path in the woods, follow a path that leads to very broken visit the spectacular waterfall Di Sotto , I just go down to the crossroads and take the trail that goes right to force Valagola shelter . There is a very large and stable over the lake Valagola charming . From this point we have to step up to the bone , a way that he becomes very right path and should be done away. Once again we have to thank the help of John, who occasionally I carreteja a saddlebag , not too heavy and will soon come to pass, spectacular views of the stunning Adamello glacier , touch the bell edge of rigor chapel and continue down a path that soon turns into a track , there is a group of kids camp with a girl canary track becomes tarmac and go down more and more and more heat down . The slope is getting very fast to get to the bottom of the valley. It seems that I changed slope , now streams down very hot and dry , still beside the stream and the road bike lanes to Tione di Trento where we stopped for the super avituallar us . We took a trail that leads uphill to Giuga , small village where we stop the laundry and prepare sandwiches. Still doing a lot of heat . We leave to cool drinks at the source, and once well- fed , we are going to track skirt while some villages eventually go down a bit and get back to a bike path near the road , through the recreation area where there the cascade Fontana Santa , follow lane very fast, the youngest of us hare, and soon we are at lake Idro , we had to ullat accommodation , entrance to the bridge where we had to cross this broken and can not be cross with him that we should go back a few kilometers back , find another bridge and go to the accommodation . They say everything is full, we have not fallen into that weekend and this is very touristy , the girl says that he sees attention difficult , try to look for something on the phone but we do not go out eventually ask for help in front of the girl and Pescatore , although it costs a lot to find a place , we finally have accommodation . The moia very friendly and we even made ​​a plan of how to reach the hotel Lodrone Ponte Caffaro . Decline few kilometers we reach our destination . A good hotel , first of all negotiate the price for not finding us a surprise , and once inside, take advantage to go to the sauna, Turkish bath , swimming pool, I caught a total relaxation . We make a good dinner with good beers and go to bed thinking that tomorrow will be the last stage of the journey . The days have flown by .
The stage started at Brenta Dolomite landscape height , step up to the bone with views of glaciers and finished last at floor level , with the heat and driest terrain . It looks that we are coming close to completion and crosses the Alpine stages are over .

Tenth Stage . Ponte Caffaro – da Garda Desenzano .
We have reached the last stage , we woke up and share the last breakfast of the route , we prepare well and go out prepared to a stage that will be long and hard. Cross Ponte Caffaro and head on the road Bondone is a paved climb all , at this point we deviate from the original route of the Trans Alps since just north of Lake Garda and we end up in the south.
We take a track that soon becomes quite right and I’m up and dismantling a section away. From time to plan and have not seen the immense Lake Idro and its valley , in fact we are winding up the mountain overlooking the lake for hours. Suddenly the track becomes a path is quite rocky dell pe Parco Alto Garda Bresciano , leads us down a path that leads to Moema and hence to Capovalle road where we eat a good basis for a good pasta .
Lunch to climb out of court last long climb of the trip to court , comfortable and good until they start to get up with what we think will be a quick final stage , but no.
In a trivia paths take less milled track that leads to a path , a path that makes us very nice but very slow push plays occasionally and did not see the end, we were there for a long time to go a course where we find refuge abounds Sima . There are two people who look up to Desenzano down fast , but tell us a clue that we do not want to go on clear and safe for him to continue on the main trail is all down, take breakneck speeds to Toscolano to Lake Garda , we are very excited to see lake Garda for the first time , we photos of rigor and now it road to the end destination , traffic is tight and there are many kilometers of tail us and we move our cars in the middle of the road and go across the resort towns . We stopped to buy some to bring back home and drink , just drink enough of my saddlebags , increasing the weight of the saddle considerably. We arrived quite late in Desenzano da Garda , the car waiting for us to return . Will have to wait a while because once downloaded material we will take a bath rewarding Lake Garda .
Although in the end the day was done well takes time and we decided to take the car and began the return trip , we bite into a hamburger and stop sleeping in a roadside hotel .
We balance the trip and leave very satisfied , the time has respected , we have to change brakes but had been reviewed before departure , and snap a carrier but otherwise not a puncture or any obstacle . It was a tough experience but possible. The views themselves have been earned .

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